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Dec 19


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Panels so sexy that your house will want to take a selfie!

You might be thinking these words describe Onyx itself, but these bold words actually describe the panels that Onyx Solar Solutions will be installing on your home. Part of the decision for choosing Onyx Solar as our company name came from the choice to install only the sexy, sleek highly desirable black panels on the roof. The solar market has drastically changed over the past decade, with one of those changes being alternative appearances to solar panels. The traditional panels on the market are the ones you often see when driving through the neighborhood: the indigo blue with the grid pattern on the panels. While these are still an option, Onyx Solar Solutions is known for bringing a more modern, classy approach to solar to by installing these black panels.

We have found that most customers do not go solar simply because they like the way it looks on their roof, but our families do love the aesthetically pleasing look of the black glass panels. They are so attractive that your house will want to take a selfie!


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Why Choose Onyx?

Let’s be honest. Going solar in Arizona has many benefits, but with our years of experience in the solar market, homeowners truly decide to go solar because they want one thing: TO SAVE MONEY. 

We are unfortunately amidst the highest inflation rates in over 30 years, among other price increases that are creating difficult times for Arizona families. On that list of price hikes is energy usage.  Part of the reason our company name includes “solar solutions” is because that is exactly what Onyx is dedicated to bringing you. A SOLUTION to your individual energy needs. 

  • Want to save money monthly? Solar has the potential to eliminate your bill, or lower it to a low, fixed rate.
  • Want to run your A/C at any temperature you’d like to keep your household comfortable? Solar is the answer. Keep at any temp and not have a spiked bill. 
  • Do you have a pool? Run the heater, run the pool filter, etc., without worry thanks to solar!


We pride ourselves on bringing our customers a very logical approach to going solar. At the end of the day, we understand the homeowners we work with have one primary goal and that is to save money. The impact solar has on the environment is an amazing added bonus, but we know from experience that is not commonly why someone chooses to go solar alone. 

Choosing to put solar on your roof is a very logical decision and not an emotional one. Onyx Solar Solutions would love the opportunity to sit with you and present your money saving opportunities and determine if solar makes sense for you and your household. If we see that going solar will not save you hundreds and thousands of dollars, short term and long term, we will not work with you and waste your time. Again, it is a very logical decision that’s boils down simply to numbers. 


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