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What are three benefits of solar battery chargers?

Dec 11


NASA and military research and developments have led to modern solar technology (photovoltaics). It was important to find reliable power sources that were maintenance-free, reliable, and without moving parts. Photovoltaics was the solution. This is why most modern satellites are powered by solar energy.


RVers today also want reliable, independent, and maintenance-free power. Their power should be quiet and free from the pollution and vibration caused by petrochemical-fired generators. The solar company tallahassee of today meets this criterion.


1. It is easy to use, quiet, and clean

Solar panels emit no heat and no carbon dioxide.

-There are no moving parts which mean that there is no mechanical noise.

Simply place the solar panel on the sun to generate electricity

2. Solar Power Maximizes Battery Lives.

When exposed to sunlight, solar panels produce pure D.C. electricity. Your batteries need this. You can prevent your lead-acid batteries from being subject to repeated deep discharges by saturating them with electrons daily. A properly designed solar battery charger system can double the life expectancy of lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries work differently than lead-acid batteries and don't get damaged by deep discharges like lead-acid.

3. Electric Independence

You will be able to park wherever you like, with the right system and the correct components. You can go anywhere there is sun, be it the desert or the mountains.

4. Low maintenance

Solar panels do not require fuel and don't have moving parts that can wear out. This means there are no fuel filters, air, oil, or fuel filters you need to change. Keep the panels' surface clean.


5. It's safe and reliable

RVs are typically powered at 12 volts, and less than 30 amperes. There is little risk of an RV catching fire or being electrocuted. It is safe if the system is properly wired and fused.


NASA and the Military were top-ranked for reliability, as we mentioned at the beginning of this page. Solar panels are so reliable, Tallahassee solar installers  now offer 25-year warranties and expect them to last for 35 years.