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What are 3 drawbacks to storing solar energy in batteries?

Dec 11


Do you want to be off-grid? Have a solar backup system? Or just increase your self-reliance. Your goal will determine the type of battery system that you choose. Energy Storage Systems [ESS] may not be for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of investing in an ESS. 


There are likely more benefits than disadvantages to investing in energy storage, especially solar power. The type of system you have will determine the pros and cons. i.e. Grid-tied with battery backup vs. off-grid. You can also refer to this as an AC coupled [‘on-grid system] or DC coupled (‘off-grid system] battery system.

What is an AC Coupled Solar Battery (or AC Solar Battery)?

AC Coupled: This system uses direct current [DC] from your solar panels to power the standalone string inverter and then to the Solar Battery system for storage or use later.

The Tesla Powerwall is a good example of such a battery. The Tesla Powerwall battery system can be used for both single-phase and three-phase properties.


This solar battery is unique because it accepts AC from a solar inverter and stores it within the battery component. These AC-coupled battery devices have an internal rectifier/inverter that converts some AC back to DC within their battery system. This allows them to charge the battery. The meter box then feeds the AC power to the battery, which is used to charge the dwelling.

What is a DC Coupled Solar Battery?

DC Coupled: This is when your battery must be connected to a hybrid inverter. Hybrid inverters are simply a combination of a traditional solar inverter and a battery charger. The power is drawn from the solar panels as Direct Current. It then feeds into the DC battery charger. The battery then sends DC power out through the battery charger and into the inverter. The inverter converts DC to AC. The Alternating current [AC] is then fed back into the house via the meter box.


This type of inverter is required for batteries such as the LG Chemise. These batteries require a DC coupling setup. These products can only be used for single-phase properties. If you require a battery setup for a 3-phase property, additional specialty conversion devices will be required.

The Advantages of a Solar Battery

Battery Backup in the Event of a Blackout

A grid-tied solar PV system produces clean energy during daylight hours and can be used to power internal appliances. Any excess power is returned to the grid. If your utility goes down, you'll be in the dark. Pardon the pun. A battery backup system that is integrated into your solar PV system design will provide power backup for a short time.


The amount of power being drawn from the battery system, and how long, will determine how much backup power you have. It will also impact if the power is being used during the day and night. If the PV system is not being used, the battery system will supplement the power requirements.

You will have greater self-reliance on your solar system

Unfortunately, solar power produces electricity only when we're not home. The evening is when most of our electricity consumption occurs. A slightly larger solar PV system allows you to store excess energy in the battery system so that you can use it later. This is especially true in the evenings when the lights are on and you cook or use the dishwasher. This will decrease the amount of electricity that you draw from the grid, and it will result in a further reduction in your electricity bill.


You would use excess electricity to generate a profit, even if there was no energy storage system. Usually, however, the feed-in tariff will be lower than the price you pay to import energy from the grid. A battery system can help you reduce your electricity bill.

Become Energy Independent

Going off-grid can bring you a sense of freedom and inspiration. You don't have to rely on the power company, but you can generate your electricity -100% by  solar panel of Solar company tallahassee . To provide enough power for your home in the dark, you would need a large battery bank. With Lithium-ion batteries technology, however, there is no need to dedicate a whole room to batteries. 


To power all of your electrical loads and to charge the battery, you will need a large solar PV system. Also, you need to allow for some days of autonomy in case of poor weather so that your solar power output is not maximized. You don't have to pay ever-increasing electricity bills if you go completely off-grid.

The disadvantages of a solar battery

There are always advantages and disadvantages to everything. Let's take a look at the drawbacks of implementing a Solar Battery System.

Energy storage is expensive

Energy storage costs are quite high, and can easily raise the price of your solar panel Tallahassee solar installers. It is not always financially prudent to invest in an energy storage system. This all depends on the consumption tariff rate. It's worth looking at the return on investment if you were to invest in a solar-powered battery system. 


The cost of energy storage is falling and there are technological advancements in this area. Energy storage will probably eventually achieve the same cost savings as solar PV a few years ago, making it more affordable and improving its cost-effectiveness.

Increased complexity of your solar system

The Solar company Tallahassee is increased by the installation and design of an energy storage system. There are more chances of problems in the design, installation, and operation of the battery systems. 


It is crucial that the battery system is correctly sized for the needs and that the correct size cables and switches have been installed during the design phase. Because solar battery systems don't like heat, they need to be placed in cool environments with adequate ventilation. Sometimes, the right environment or sufficient space may not be available.

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