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Do you need a license to sell solar?

Aug 22


It is important to understand the differences between local licensing laws and professional certification before you start your career in renewable energy. Certification is not the same thing as licensing. In order to protect the reputation and safety of the industry and protect consumers from dangerous practices, states and localities have established licensing requirements for electricians and solar contractors. Improper installation can pose safety risks and cause equipment failures. Although licensing is required for some practices, certification is usually voluntary and helps installers stand out from the rest, also customers will apply for federal incentives for solar installation. While certification may require you to complete coursework, have experience with certain types of installations, and/or pass an exam, it is not usually required by local jurisdictions to legally install equipment. 


Requirements for State Licensing

Nevada law requires that solar energy system installation contractors be licensed by Nevada State Contractors Board.

Nevada has also signed a reciprocity deal with California, Arizona, and Utah. However, there is no reciprocity in the plumbing or electrical trades.


Licensing – $300

License Classification C37 (solar contracting) permits contractors to be licensed, or licenses can be obtained for solar work under License Classification C-1.


Business & Law Exam

To obtain a license, applicants must pass the trade exam and the $199 Management Survey Exam (Business and Law Exam).


Referee Requirements and Experience

The applicant must have at least four (4) years of experience in the last ten years. Experience must include experience as a supervisor, Journeyman, or foreman. You may also be able to use education to fulfill a portion of the experience requirements.

To support your experience, the Board will accept these types of documentation. After all these legal formalities you can earn from solar and can establish your business legally.

Four (4) Certifications of Work Experience Forms (Certificates), are required for each Trade Qualifier.

A current master's certification is issued in a similar discipline to the requested class by a governmental agency.

Documentation proving transferable military experience.

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Background Check

A background check must be completed as part of your application.

The Board will use information from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, (FBI), and the Nevada Criminal History Repository to conduct a background investigation. These records include likely all instances of criminal activity. If you are found guilty of a crime, you will be subject to an investigation and asked for supporting documentation.


Information obtained from criminal history verification and background disclosure does not automatically deny applications. NSCB also considers other factors, such as the severity and time between convictions, as well as any evidence of rehabilitation. Any supporting documentation required by the Board in relation to past convictions or pending charges is your responsibility.